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About Helical Guam

>> Finding Solutions

Helical Guam was established after we built our first project on Guam which consisted of a three-story 10,000 sqf structure on the beach. This building had 26 concrete piles. We hired a local company to install those 26 concrete piles.

During the process we noticed the extensive time it took to drive those piles to 80 to 90 feet deep, the noise pollution which affected the neighbors, the cost for mobilizing cranes and heavy equipment, the numerous labor personnel needed to perform this job and most importantly the dependency on concrete in order to create these concrete piles. We also noticed the extensive time that it took to cure concrete. All of this translated to money. This project took 90 days to complete just those piles.

After researching the technologies available in the market, we decided to reach out to one of the best companies on the market and they were able to manufacture and to mobilize the equipment and piles to Guam. Upon arrival of the equipment to Guam we were trained and did our first project of 56 piles in 21 days from from beginning to end. The piles ranged from 78 feet down to 92 feet in total depth.

>> Establishing Helical Guam

Helical Guam has been established by professionals working in Guam’s development and real estate business for over 18 years. We established this company our beautiful island in order to provide a faster and more secure alternative for deep foundations or foundations that need extra support.

We’ve partnered with Helical Foundation Solutions, our channel partner, with over fifty years in the design, manufacturing, and installation of helical piles worldwide. Our experienced designers, engineers and field personnel provide a complete support throughout the project’s multiple phases. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO, ICC-ES certified and the manufacturing process is done under domestic and international norms that adhere to strict quality controls during the entire manufacturing phase.

Helical Guam is the first to bring this proven technology to our island and we’re ready to mobilize through all of Asia. We will make sure that all your needs are met, no matter how complicated.

>> Why Helical Piles?

This technology has been in existence since 1830 and is suitable for supporting light and heavy structures for civil infrastructure; both commercial and residential, industrial, electrical and renewable markets.

Helical Piles are engineered to support Axial (meaning both compression and tension) loads less than 1KN (225 lbs) or in excess of 5000KN (1.125 Million lbs) which can be used from a small landing to a 32 story tower.  Helical piles are the best option by far.

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Whether you’re a land or home owner, contractor, or development group, Helical Guam offers services and quality anchors that will not only meet your needs, but exceed them. Helical piles is the proven way to go.

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