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Project Name & Location: Transmission Line Campo Lindo, 220kv capacity

Project Date: August 3, 2022

Project Type: New construction of a Transmission Line

Key benefits of using helical piles for this project included:

  • Quick installation and accessible movement between workstations/tower sites, which was a huge advantage to traditional concrete piles.
  • Easy quality control in the field via torque monitoring.
  • Easy adaptability to changes in the terrain due to permanent engineering support throughout the execution of the project.
  • Ability to work in poor quality soils where other types of foundations are not feasible options or are very expensive to implement.

Project Name & Location: Estanque UGA, Planta de Hidrógeno Verde “Haru Oni”, Punta Arenas, XII Región, Chile.

Project Date: August – September 2021

Project Type: Industrial – New Construction. Helical piles to support a foundation slab.

Project Overview:

Clean and Environmentally friendly, futuristic Fuel is being generated in Chile’s Southern region; world first integrated commercial and industrial plant for making synthetic climate neutral fuels. Some of those structures will be supported by Helical Piles.

Key Benefits:

Clean, Fast and Simple installation

  • Quick, simple and clean execution of the helical pile installation, compared to the traditional solution of the project that contemplated excavating and replacing a few meters of soil under the entire structure.
  • Installation in All weather conditions.
  • Small equipment that did not generate interference with other activities at project site.
  • Specialized train and certify installation crew.

Engineering support: Constant and promptly engineering support in making adjustments to the original design based on the changes that the project underwent during its execution.

Environmental benefits: No vibration during installation, Minimize use of concrete, No spoils

Project Name & Location: Silos mortars Plant Henkel, Quilicura, South America

Project Date: November 2020

Project Type: Industrial – New Construction. Helical piles to support a foundation slab that will support 3 silos and equipment from an industrial plant.

Key Benefits:

  • Feasibility of working in confined spaces: The location of the foundation slab was surrounded by existing structures, therefore there was little space to work. The helical piles were installed through the use of a backhoe which gave the installer maneuverability to work in this confined space.
  • Speed of installation and use: The use of helical piles allowed the client to continue with the construction of the foundation immediately after completing the installation of the piles, without having to wait for the setting times required by other traditional systems such as piles and micropiles.
  • Engineering and design support: The client required permanent and rapid support in the development of an engineer design of helical piles, as a new engineering solution it had to be adapted to current overall design that was in place for the project.
  • Permanent field support and available stock material: Having stock material in country and able to provide a workable engineering design, it allowed for an immediate response to end user. Another key factor, was the experience of EMIN S.G. In the design and installation of this system, it was possible to adapt and optimize the work during its execution as new challenge or requirements that came along during the project.

Project Name & Location: Concón, Región de Valparaíso, Chile

Project Date: June 8-11, 2021

Project Type: New Construction. Helical piles to support a swimming pool foundation on a residential apartment complex.

Key Benefits:

  • Installation speed and use of small equipment: The application of helical piles allowed for a quick installation compared to the traditional solution proposed, which corresponded to concrete piles with a diameter of 25 cm. The traditional solution contemplated an execution time of about 4 weeks, while the installation of helical piles only took 4 days to complete. The helical piles were installed through the use of a backhoe which gave the installer maneuverability to work some tight spaces due to adjacent structures.
  • Material and labor saving: The use of helical piles allowed the design engineer to optimize the final design allowing total reduction to 33 helical piles, while the original solution required three times mor piles. One crew/machine was able to install all 33 piles, providing significant savings to the customer.

Project Name & Location: Plazoleta Tortuguero, 4 Esquinas Station, Tortuguero National Park, in Caribbean. Central America

Project Date: August 2020

Project Type: Helical pile deep foundation for a reticulated mezzanine slab elevated 3.5ft above ground level, for the visitor´s center at Tortuguero National Park

Key Benefits:

The galvanized helical pile alternative was cost effective against the original design of driven pipe piles, which would have needed to be treated against corrosion because of being installed near the channels in areas with a high probability of flooding. Another key benefit of the helical piles being the most appropriate solution was the limited access to the site (transportation via barge and challenging navigation through multiple river channels and access through an existing metallic gantry). The superficial soil was so poor in bearing capacity additional metal plates and wood were required for the mobility and positioning of the installation machinery, in this case a back hoe.

Project Name & Location: Foundation Design for Transportation Band on Jales Dam, Zacatecas, Mexico

Project Date: September 2022

Project Type: Industrial – New Construction

Key Benefits:

  • Bearing capacity and settlement control: Traditional piles require to be embedded in a resistant stratum to provide settlement control. For this project the geotechnical exploration did not find it until the maximum exploration depth of (30) meters. Helical piles provide enough capacity at (14) meters.
  • Installation time: Traditional pile foundation required two months for construction. helical piles were installed in three days which expedited the overall construction schedule.
  • Engineering and Design support: A new efficient foundation solution was proposed and adapted to the design specifications. During the installation of the helical piles, the estimated torque was not reached, so the design was immediately optimized.
  • Field support: Our design and installation was executed under the support, safety, and quality standards required by Helical Foundation Solutions.

Project Name & Location: WSA T-100. Área OX, Petroperú refinery, Talara – South America

Project Date: November 2020

Project Type: Industrial – New construction

Project Overview:

Design and install helical piles to support the T-100 tank (for contaminated water) within the OX area.

Key Benefits:

  • Feasibility of working in confined spaces: Due to the condition of the Petroperú Refinery in Talara, having various pipes in overhead gutters, the space for maneuverability of machinery was minimal and a suitable solution was needed for the reduced space and equipment capable of providing the necessary capacity.
  • Project conditions and requirements: Helical Piles were installed to support a contaminated water tank. The soil was made up of liquefiable sands and soft clays, for which it was necessary to use some type of soil reinforcement or deep foundation. In addition to high seismic parameters, there was a need to make a design that was capable of supporting 29 tons of sheer force.
  • Engineering and Versatility: A special termination cap was design, creating a cross section able to withstand the lateral loads without major problems.

Project Name & Location: Safari Tent Camp at Tswalu Kalahari Private Game Reserve – Northern Cape, South Africa

Project Date: January 2023

Project Type: Recreational – New Construction. Helical anchors were used to support guy cables to anchor expanded roof tents.

Key Benefits:

The ability to anchor the guy cables using a helical anchor over the alternative option of using reinforced concrete bases in an environmental sensitive area. The major benefit is to be able to remove the helical anchors completely should the need arise to remove or relocate the tent camp in the future.

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